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"The state of prayer is the best of conditions, for man is then associating with God. Prayer verily bestoweth life..."

Devotional Gatherings

In diverse settings, Bahá’ís and their friends and families unite with one another in prayer. There are no rituals; no one individual has any special role. Meetings consist largely of reading prayers and passages from the Bahá’í sacred texts in an informal yet respectful atmosphere. A spirit of communal worship is generated by these simple gatherings, and this spirit begins to permeate the community’s collective endeavours.

Devotional Gatherings in Waterloo Region

There are many ongoing devotional gatherings across the Region of Waterloo. Devotionals are typically formed by community members inviting friends, family, neighbours or colleagues to pray with them. Devotionals are also formed when families pray together. Eventually, these families extend to others and invite them to join in prayer. Most devotional gatherings take place in homes but some also meet in public community spaces.

If you are interested in hosting or participating in a devotional gathering, we would love to help you. Devotional hosts and participants are supported by a Committee whose focus is to learn about strengthening devotional gatherings in our Region. Click on the link below to connect with a Committee member.


Devotional Gathering Form

If you have already started a devotional gathering, please let us know so that we can learn alongside you about how to strengthen the devotional spirit of our community. To do so, you can fill out the form below, which is used to understand more about ongoing devotionals in our Region: 

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